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Signs Your Ex Still Cares And Wants You Back

Most people only look for the positive signs your ex still cares and wants you back. They completely miss the fact that negative signs from your ex can also be a good indicator. First we will look at a few of the positive signals, and then move on to the negative and mixed signs you may see.

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Positive Signs Your Ex Still Loves You

  • They are showing strong emotions.
  • They are keeping the lines of communication open.
  • They have been asking mutual friends and relatives about you.
  • They have been showing up at places you may be hanging out.
  • They are never in a hurry to get away from talking with you.
  • They are not pursuing any new relationships.

talkingFirst off if you see some or all of these signs that’s a very good thing. Your chances to reunite are excellent if you go about it in the right way. The problems can start if and when you misinterpret what these signals really mean.

For example your ex calls you, so right away you latch on to that, believing you have seen an indicator he or she wants you back. This may be true, or it could just be a matter that they needed to call for a good reason.

After a break up when you desperately would like your ex back it’s not uncommon to see only what you want to see. Yes these positive signs are good but it’s even better to have a realistic plan for solving your relationship problems before you act.

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Negative Signs From Your Ex You May See

Man and women arguing in publicNegative signs are bad right? No, actually they can be very good indicators that your ex still has strong feelings about you. A good thing about negative signs is that they are hard to misinterpret.

Say for example your ex has been acting like they hate you. On the surface this would seem to be a very negative sign. But if you dig a little under the surface it is plain to see that your ex still has some very strong emotions going on.

Strong emotions like this are an excellent indicator your ex still feels deeply about you and the situation. In fact if your ex has any emotions involving you, especially strong ones, it means they have not gotten over you yet.

The same thing applies to anger, it may seem like a negative indicator that your ex still cares, but it is actually a positive thing that he or she is showing strong emotions. So as you can see strong emotions are a good indicator that you are still very much on your exes mind.

Mixed Or Very Bad Signs

Unhappy couple not speaking to each otherIf one time they are very warm towards you, and then on another quite cold, this means that they are confused themselves about how they feel.

This is a more tricky situation and it’s very possible to make the wrong move and lose them if you are not prepared.

A very bad indicator to see is not anger or hate, it’s indifference. If your ex is showing anger it means that they still have strong emotions about you, and this can be overcome. Indifference may mean they do not care at all, but still take your time and make sure it is not just an act by your ex to cover their own hurt feelings.

Beyond The Signs – How To Take Action

The entire ex factor guide system including bonusesSo as you can see there is no reason to become depressed or give up because you see some negative signs your ex has been showing. Its not as bad as it seems. The whole trick is in how you go about the process of getting your ex back.

If things look promising it is time for the next step, taking action. Do you have any kind of plan on how to actually go about the process of reuniting, or are you just going to wing it? Remember that in a lot of cases you may only get one chance to do it right.

Hopefully you have gained some insight into the signs your ex still cares and wants you back, but this article has only scratched the surface. To learn more about this and some almost unfair psychological techniques take the next positive step and watch this video now.